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George Moraitis is different… Because he actually gets things done!

  • Jobs
  • Security
  • Education
  • Environment

A Stronger Local Economy… with More Jobs:

George has led the fight for infrastructure improvements at Port Everglades, worked to attract new high-paying technology and marine jobs, and worked to cut the red tape that hurts local small business. And he’s voted to balance the budget, while increasing reserves $1 billion.

Smart Public Safety & Security… to Keep You Safe:

A graduate of the US Naval Academy and former submarine officer, George knows how to keep us safe. In a changed world, George consistently votes for responsible funding for law enforcement, will prioritize new technology to fight terrorism, and knows we must secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws.

Education Innovation… Because Our Children Deserve It:

George voted for the highest funding ever for Florida’s schools, and insisted on a focus on real learning rather than just testing. He has fought for more classroom funding, accountability for streamlined administration – and responsible options so Florida’s families have the school choice they need.

Responsible Environmental Priorities… to Safeguard Our Way of Life:

George secured over $7 million for critical beach renourishment that protects our coast, voted to extend funding for Everglades restoration and protection for our coastal water supply, and has taken a stand to get results on sea level rise mitigation and solutions.

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